Generally Speaking, the Braid Power Play Plate (Part# 30350) is the preferred Plate for Land Based Shark fishing, Simply put this is a proven plate and will last for years and will allow you to put a ton of force on your rod. This plate can be purchased for $100-$125 online

The Braid Power Play harness (Part# 30800) goes along quite well to the Power Play Plate above, and harnes allows you to sit in the harness under load and use your entire body to lever in a fish, This harness is more on the expensive side at around $175 to $200

A very popular alternative to the Braid Power Play Harness is the AFTCO MAX FORCE harness (Part# AFH-1), this harness is well made, works well with the Braid Power Play Plate Above and is a much cheaper alternative coming in at the $85 price range.