Heavy mono leader question

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Heavy mono leader question

Postby johnf on September 28th, 2018, 1:56 pm

I've been using .080" weedeater line for a shock leader and was thinking about going to some large mono, like 300-400#. The problem is that I only shark fish 2-3 days a year and will use maybe 20 yards of it. I've looked at the Bullbuster sight and I can get it pretty cheap, but I hate to buy 100 yards when 80% of it won't be used the year I buy it. Does that stuff degrade like regular mono or can I just leave the spool in my garage year after year and know it's going to keep working for me. I live in central Arkansas which gets really hot, but winters are mild, but my garage is heated and cooled with one vent. In the summer it generally only gets up to about 80 in there on the hottest days unless the door is open and the winter it will dip down to about 50 on the coldest days, again unless the door is open.

So should I get a spool and not worry about it, throw the excess away every year or two? Or is there a place I can get 3-4 25-30 yard spools?

Is 300-400lb plenty? Tarteting 6-8' sharks. I have no desire to catch a monster.
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Re: Heavy mono leader question

Postby boilermakerjohn on November 1st, 2018, 10:23 am

catch all tackle is a good website.

Also keep mono out of the sun and it will last a long time.
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