Year End Report!

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Year End Report!

Postby wtb222 on December 5th, 2017, 4:02 pm

Greetings SOS Community!

I have been on here for quite some time now researching and asking plenty of questions to be able to be more successful at this thing called LBSF. With that said, the patience and research has started to pay off this year! I have made many attempts and missed out on some good fish by either bad luck or mistakes that I quickly learned from. to any newbies out there that are reading this, it can be a frustrating sport and the thought of giving up can easily enter your mind. DONT LET IT. Anyone on here will tell you it takes time on the sand and a ton of effort to begin to be successful.

With that said....

I had been fishing the Galveston area mainly since I live in Dallas and it is easily accessible. this year I had two opportunities to hit up Florida and I could not wait to try these new areas. Back in July, we went for vacation to Ormond Beach, FL. and let me tell you, it was wonderful!!!! We rented a house not more than 100 yards off the water, so I was definitely going to get a lot of fishing in. It took a couple days, but I was finally able to get a couple lines into the water to get some bait and....SUCESS!!!! some very good sized whiting! I was in business! Later that night, it was time to get the surf rods out and see what would happen. Armed with my 12' rods tipped with glow sticks, I ventured onto the sand and made my first casts.........after about an hour or so, my first rod gets hit....then of course...bait dropped. I decided to leave it out and reeled in the slack. a few minuets later, a good hit and a run. I took the rod and started the fight. I could tell that this wasn't a very large fish, but had some strength to it. finally got a glimpse and for sure, MY FIRST SHARK!!!!! it was a little 3' Atlantic Sharpnose. I was sooo incredibly excited. few pics taken and a clean release.

Now, I will take a moment to say, a shark of any size is a bit intimidating to handle, especially when you are as green as the shark flopping around on the sand. I would strongly suggest to anyone new to this to start small and get acclimated with the actions you have to take and the appropriate approach to safely handling sharks.

After the release, I hurried and got that rod back out. What happens next? BOOM!!!! another hit and run, this one a little stronger than the last. Got it in and to my utter surprise ANOTHER SHARK!!!!! another Sharpnose just slightly bigger than the last! I was on cloud 9 at this point and time. even thought these weren't monsters, I felt so incredibly blessed to have finally achieved my goal of catching sharks from the shore. I was elated and could barely contain my emotion. This would be the only sharks I caught on the trip, but did they make for some excellent memories. I have pics, but cannot get them in right now....maybe after I take the time to figure out how! LOL.

Moving on to later this year, just a few weeks ago during thanksgiving actually. I had a last minuet company trip to Sarasota to make and decided that I would take a few days on my own dime to make it a fish-giving. armed with my trusty surf rods, I make my way down the beach away from the resorts and set up shop. at this point, everything I have learned from my misses, miscues and unfortunate events added with my recent success feels like it is starting to pay off. I stepped on the beach confident that I was going to land one. Day one passes with horrendous weather, horrible surf and not a single fish caught. I tell myself that I will fight another day and that I did. Day two rolls in and I go back out to the same spot. weather is overcast, but calm. I scored a small bonito at a local bait shop and was in business. I had a few small wahoo as well that I used on my bait rod.

I took about a fist sized chunk of bonito and threw it out and let it set. got the other rods ready and began the wait. my smaller 9' rod gets hit several times, landing a nice sized ladyfish and 5-7 bluefish that were very good sized and fun to catch. then, I see the rod with the piece of bonito on it get hit! it was a solid run, then drop......I reeled it in and the bait had been destroyed. definitely a shark!!!!!! I cut another chunk and waded out and threw it in about the same spot. by this time, a small crowd had somewhat gathered after the initial run and then it gets real. the rod gets hit again and starts peeling line off.....I let it run and bumped the drag up until I feel it was a solid hookset. Game on!!!!! it starts running and feels like it has a good amount of size to it (not a monster, but respectable). then, my line goes slack. I furiously reel in the slack and find the shark charged the beach and I regained tension on the line. it started taking off down the beach and I had to follow. The small crown grew a little bigger at this point.

I finally get it into the was after about 20 min and see that it is a shark!!!!!! exactly what I went out with the intent to catch! my heart started pounding and I could barley contain myself! I finally landed it. a 4' Lemon!!!!!! I couldn't believe it! I got it ashore and went to work with the release was a clean release!!!!! I felt so blessed to be able to catch a bigger shark, my third and hopefully not my last. It has been so exciting to see the work and dedication paying off. I want to thank everyone that has offered any bit of knowledge on this forum to aid guys like myself to making dreams like this come true! this has definitely kept me learning and motivated to join the club!

Now......on to the next adventure!
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Re: Year End Report!

Postby JustinEdge on December 7th, 2017, 11:57 pm

You never forget your first shark, man! I was more excited about my first little 5' Blacktip than all the 8-12 footers I've landed since. I fished every single weekend for over a year (with never a bite) to finally land that little tipper. You're addicted now, man! Ya done went and got yourself bit by the shark-fishing bug, lol. Thanks for putting up the report.
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