South Carolina = Heavy Shark Action!!!!!!!!!!

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South Carolina = Heavy Shark Action!!!!!!!!!!

Postby SCFirefighter on May 12th, 2012, 6:35 pm

First of all, I want to say, I'm very sorry for such few pics but as you read, you'll see why. This started out as probably one of the worst trips I have ever had in my life. My wife and I got on the road much later than planned and to find out no one else could get off and come with us. So, it was pretty much a solo trip. We couldn't find much decent bait at any of our local fish markets and were stuck with 6 "okay" looking Mullet. We left home around 6AM to cool weather and a little wind with promises of 80 degrees and sunshine on the coast. An hour 1/2 down the road in a little po-dunk South Carolina low country town, I get pulled over but had no clue why since my wife made sure I was driving the speed limit. Apparently, I had gone through a school zone at 18 over (I was clocked at 48 mph). Which is a "do not pass go, straight to jail" situation. Not cool. The officer let me sit for a good 20 minutes then wrote me an $81 dollar ticket, dropped the points and let me off cause all they were really after was the money from me anyway. With a HUGE sigh of relief and a earful from the wife with a "You don't pay attention to anything...Blah, Blah, Blah...", we set forth and continued our journey.
We finally start seeing marsh land and are 5 miles from Edisto Beach when my wife looks over and said "Have you not noticed the dummy lights on the dash?" I looked down to be greeted with a battery light, ABS light, check engine light, airbag light all barely glowing...apparently I don't pay attention very well! Just then the car started the telltale signs of a dying auto electric system. I would just like to mention, the day before we dropped nearly $900 on brand new tires, filters and other scheduled maintenance on a car that has never given us any trouble - my wife's pride and joy, her Lexus. So, we pulled over at a roadside produce market (shout out to the truly awesome people of Geechie Boys!). We popped the hood, made sure we still had a belt on, tried to jump it off and nothing. We called up roadside assistance and about lost my patience with a girl that sounded 15 and wanted to have my car towed to a brake shop to have my alternator replaced. Where do they find these people? In the meantime I located a mechanic's shop (another shout out to the awesome guys of Caufields Truck and Auto of Hollywood, SC) who said he would have the part early afternoon and would charge a $30 installation over the price of the part with a lifetime warranty. $200 for a Lexus alternator installed - I'll take that. So, we "patiently" waited for roadside. After an hour and a half my wife called the tow company (another shout out to the awesome people of A's Towing and Recover in Hollywood), apparently they never received a call from roadside. Called Nationwide and they couldn't get in touch with Roadside. After another 20 minutes of being on the phone, all 3 cell phones nearly dead with no way to charge them, finally Roadside was able to "submit" that order for us to be towed. Eta would be another hour from that point. This story is just as painful now that I'm having to relive it!
So, awesome tow truck man arrived. Tows us to the shop as I'm looking out the window, I can see salt flats and the ripples of red fish's killing me. Two hours later, some really awesome Chinese food in our bellies from a little restaurant beside The Pig in Hollywood (who would have thought that was the best Chinese food EVER? and no MSG to boot!) We are on the way to Edisto. My wife mumbles some crap about "There's a reason for everything and maybe if we went to the beach earlier, we could have drowned or something." So, it's destined that we got a ticket, broke down and dropped a wad of cash...
We arrive at one of the last bait shops before the beach to pick up frozen squid and finger mullet (and get my wife a choco taco to make her day better). All the ladies in the store were talking about they had just seen a body floating along the beach and rescue was trying to recover it, but the horrible rip tides kept taking the body out. We headed on to our normal spot on the beach (oh, and the wife's choco taco was freezer burnt, old and bad - she was NOT happy). There were rescue choppers, firetrucks, etc everywhere. The surf was HORRIBLE. We had a new kayak that we were gonna test out and write a report, but by no means were we able to test it out in those conditions. We fished and hooked up on a bunch of horseshoe crabs (two of which were in the midst of mating while at the end of my line....) Did manage to catch a whiting and a lot of weed. The current was so strong, it was dragging a 16 oz surf weight. We decide to give it up and try out a local pier on an inlet about an hour away.
Finally setup on the pier, the wind is ripping, it's cool and about 11pm. I just take two heavy rods, a surf rod and a grocery bag of ice, finger mullet and horse mullet. Game on. Tied on finger mullet on my old Garcia Mitchell (4/0) and a 4/0 circle hook - chunked it about 20 feet off the pier. (Keep in mind, we are in a protected cove, well within an inlet) Started to bait up the 6/0 with a 14/0 hook, a 12 ft trace and a whole whiting, before I could hook the whiting, the 4/0 starts screaming! Wife grabs the flashlight, I fight it for a good 5 minutes - Nice 48" ish Black tip comes to the surface! With no way of getting it up, I break him off and get hook, leader and all back. Walk over chunk the 6/0 out and turn around to bait the 4/0 - 6/0 screams! This time with a Sharpie - which we landed. She was so full of pups, I didn't have the heart to keep her and chunked her back in the water. Rebaited, dropped the 4/0 again with a finger mullet. Chunked over the 6/0 and started to bait my surf rod when both rods scream simultaneously! Yelled to the wife, to grab the 4/0, set the drag and hold on I was coming. She's holding this rod with all her might, doubled over to the point it's almost touching the rail. All of a sudden something shoots up a good 3 ft. above the water - head, tail and all! It whips around and bites through a piece of 300 lb cable and swims away. The wife could have cried..... :( As this transpires, I'm giving the 6/0 hell! My prayers and worst nightmares are answered all in one. I had what seemed to be a BIG tiger on a 6/0 that was getting dumped fast. He turned very quickly, headed toward the pier. I gained almost all my line back and he came toward the pier, when it went limp. He had bitten cleanly through a 600 lb nylon coated cable. I was in total shock. I could see the silhouettes of a large striped about a heartbreaker! This went on for another hour. Couldn't even get lights or pictures in the water half the time. The wife finally tuckered out and and said she couldn't take it anymore and I couldn't handle it alone with action that hot and lack of experience. So, we had to pack it in. I have never seen anything like this. Black tips, Tigers, Sharpies, what seemed at one point to be a decent sized Bull all in the same water at the same time right under my feet. CRAZY!
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Re: teaser! many we lost count!

Postby clevrrr1 on May 12th, 2012, 11:43 pm

pics!!! plz........
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Re: South Carolina = Heavy Shark Action!!!!!!!!!!

Postby sharkin sonny on May 13th, 2012, 4:04 pm


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Re: South Carolina = Heavy Shark Action!!!!!!!!!!

Postby LaSharkHunter on May 19th, 2012, 11:00 am


Really Happy for you that you got into some hot action!! :D :D Now you understand why we often talk about fishing in the bays at the right times of the year 8-)

Can't wait for your next report. Hope you land that Monster!!

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